Whoo Whitening Essence Sunscreen SPF46/PA++
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Collections: Premium Zone, Sun & Mist, Whitening

Product type: Mist and Sunscreen

Vendor: OHUI/ WHOO

Tags: essence, whitening


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Essence type of sunscreen that contains 'Chilhyangpalbaeksan', an ancient whitening ingredient from the Korean royal court, for clear & healthy skin. (45ml)

*Product Details:
• The Oriental medicinal whitening elements act deep inside the skin to make it more radiant & even-toned
• Contains special whitening ingredients - Seolgamsan and Chilhyangpalbaeksan
• Prevents sunburn, dark spots & premature signs of aging
• The excellent protection against UV rays helps maintain clear skin(SPF 46/PA++)
• Applies easily and absorbs quickly, leaving no visible white residue or trace of stickiness

*How to use:
Apply evenly to the face & neck as the last skincare step.