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These are for trial only and we offer a free delivery special if purchased on their own. You can add trial products to an order as well, and normal shipping conditions apply.

*Product Details:
1. Whoo Qi & Jin Eye Cream
: An eye cream that firms the skin around eyes that has thin layers of skin with more tendency to wrinkle and improves signs of aging. (1ml)

2. Whoo Radiant White Eye Serum
: A serum type eye treatment that formulated with Whoo's exclusive Royal Court's whitening formula with precious pearl-wild ginseng to make eye area glowing. (1ml)

3. Whoo Jinyulhyang Wrinkle Essential Cream
: Essence-type, intensive wrinkle improvement cream that formulated with a secret royal court formula to nourish the skin & resolve the skin problems from aging. (1ml)

4. Whoo 'Gongjinhyang Seol' Brightening Gel
: A Gommage type of gentle peeling gel that formulated with oriental medicine-based 'chilhyang palbaeksan' ingredients. (1ml)

5. Whoo 'Gongjinhyang Soo' SooYeon Jin Cream
: A royal court oriental medicinal moisturizing formula that moisturizes the skin and promotes 'Qi' circulation. (1ml)

6. Whoo 'Gongjinhyang Seol' Whitening Intensive
: Highly concentrated whitening cream that improve skin texture & correct the appearance of age spots. (2ml)

7. Whoo Whitening & Moisture Cream
: A whitening functional facial cream that formulated with new secret ingredients gives bright light onto the skin. (1ml)

8. Whoo Whitening Essence
: A pure and rich textured whitening essence that reduces appearance of sun spots, freckles & uneven pigmentation. (1ml)