VDL Expert Color Primer For Eyes
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Product type: Primer & Base Makeup

Vendor: VDL

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This eye primer creates the optimal lid surface for eye color application. It provides ultimate long-wear for the most vibrant and lasting colors for eye. (Upgrade version, 6.5g)

*Product Details:
• Provides a smooth base to maximize the intensity of eye shadows
• Keeps eyeshadow colors vibrant and fresh all day without creasing
• Contains micro pearl powder to create even, radiant eye
• Enriched with silk ingredients, it keeps eyelids soft & supple

*How to use:
1. Apply a small amount with an applicator or fingertip, pat gently to instantly prime the eyelids.
2. After completely dry, apply a eye shadow.

*Item Option:
• Original: Enhances the durability of eye makeup, For various eye makeup
• Shimmer: For natural eye makeup (can be replaced with base eye makeup)
• Serenity: Makes eyes brighter, For matte finish

*Limited time offer - Receive a Sunglass Pouch & Boosting Fixer (deluxe size)