TonyMoly The Black Tea London Classic Serum
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Product type: Essence and Ampoule

Vendor: TonyMoly

Tags: anti-aging, serum


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An anti-aging, hydrating facial serum thats enriched with 100% pure black tea extract. (55ml)

*Product Details:
• Blended with high quality black tea which is recognized by England's Royal Family
• Reinforced with anti-oxidants for transparent, youthful healthy skin
• Improves skin texture, fine lines around eye area & elasticity while hydrating
• Protects skin from environmental aggressors with Aureobasidium Pullulans Ferment Extract
• Whitening & Anti-wrinkle functional product

*How to use:
After using facial toner, spread over the entire face & neck. Gently pat for better absorption. Follow with moisturizer.