The Saem Natural-Tox Mask Sheet
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Vendor: The Saem

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A facial mask sheet that formulated with nutritious color-food extracts. (20g)

*Product Details:
Red Apple mask sheet contains lycopene, polyphenol and organic acid to refine the skin texture and provide healthy radiance to the skin
Green Grape mask sheet contains chlorophyll, citric and lutein to purify the skin and return it into its original clear, healthy tone
Red Tomato mask sheet contains lycopene, vitamin A & K to provide moisture and enhance skin's elasticity
Purple Kohlrabi mask sheet contains anthocyanin, vitamin C and amino acid to provide intense hydration with brightening effect
Orange carrot mask sheet contains alpha-carotene, dietary fiber and collagen to soothe and strengthen skin's natural barrier

*How to use:
Apply to cleansed & toned face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and remove. Gently pat skin for better absorption.

*Item Option
1. Red Apple - Smoothening & Brightening
2. Green Grape - Vitalizing & Purifying
3. Red Tomato - Moisturizing & Firming
4. Purple Kohlrabi - Moisturizing & Radiation
5. Orange Carrot - Vitalizing & Soothing