SU:M37 Holiday Discovery Special Set
SU:M37 Holiday Discovery Special Set

Essence and Ampoule


special set



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SU:M37's best & hit selling items, featuring a skin revitalizing essence, an anti-aging oil and an advanced cooling sunblock.

*Product Details:
<1. Secret Essence (30ml)>
This essence improves the skin system in a healthy way and brightens skin tone with natural plants fermentation technology. Reveals a softer, refined, brighter and healthier complexion

<2. Secret Oil (20ml)>
An advanced, powerful anti-aging facial oil for visibly firmer, more radiant, healthier & younger-looking skin.

<3. Sun-away Cooling Sun CC (15g)>
An innovative color control(CC) cream with high performance sunblock mixture that lowers the skin temperature when applied. Offers extremely high sun protection (SPF50/PA+++) while creating natural dewy look.

*Steps: Toner - Secret Essence - Secret Oil - Moisturizer - Sun CC