'STEADY:D' 4-Step Hydrating Plan (Single Mask)


5-Day Plan Mask Set containing 4 different types of sheet mask to treat various skin concerns by skin turnover cycle. Designed for the most effective results, revealing more radiant, healthier & youthful-looking skin.

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*Product Details:
'Clearing(Day1) - Boosting(Day2) - Hydrating(Day3&4) - Barrier(Day5)'
• <Step1 - Clearing>: gently removes dead skin cells and allows the skin to more effectively absorb by following steps
• <Step2 - Boosting>:for the fundamental first step, Provides hydration and refine skin surface
• <Step3 - Hydrating>: Delivers active ingredients(nutritions) deep into skin. Can be used 'Brightening Mask' in this step
• <Step4 - Barrier>: Strengthens skin's protective barrier and prevent moisture loss

*How to use:
Use each step (marked number on the package) mask sheet for each day.
1. Apply to cleansed & toned face. Hold both sides of top pouch with hands and gently open it. Place mask to face, adjusting eye and lip area to fit.
(Easy-peel off design can be easily opened)
2. Leave on for 10~20 mins and remove. Gently pat the remaining essence into face & neck.

1. For intense care, this plan can be extended as a 10day plan. For example:
'Clearing(Day 1&2) - Boosting(Day 3&4) - Hydrating (Day 5~8) - Barrier (Day 9&10)'
2. Before opening the pouch, tear a bottom corner to extract some serums to use other area.