'Sidmool' Skin Source Vitamin C Powder 100
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Pure Vitamin C powder that helps brighten and even skin tone. (17g)

*Product Details:
• High potency, premium English Vitamin C powder for all skin types
• Protects skin from environmental aggressors which cause premature skin aging
• Gently lightens hyperpigmentation for a more even and radiant complexion
• A topical antioxidant source that vitalizes and smoothes skin texture

*How to use:
1. Gently squeeze the soft conical cap. One pump is enough to start with.
2. Mix a small amount of powder (1:10 or 1:8) to your daily serum, moisturizer or cream.
(For synergy brightening effect, mix with whitening skincare products)

*How to open:
1. Remove the cap by pulling upward and gently turning to open the cap.
(Be careful with hands)
2. Replace with the conical cap inside box.

1. We do not recommend using this powder with oils such as Jojoba Oil, Rose hip Oil or any oil-base ampoule. It's a water soluable formula so it is good to mix with water-based hydrating serum or cream.
2. If you use this with high potency vitamin products such as vitamin C serum, Sidmool Mela Bye Ampoule or any BHA products, it may irritate the skin.