Sidmool Royal Honey Peptide Deep Moisture Pack


A nourishing & moisturizing leave-on overnight pack for glowing skin. (40ml)

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*Product Details:
• Formulated with 3 Growth Factors (EGF, FGF & IGF) to strengthen skin's natural barrier
• Contains Honey Extract, rich in vitamins & minerals and Propolis
• Oil free, skin-friendly Polysaccharides deeply hydrate skin & maintain skin's moisture level
• Skin appears softer, smoother, more radiant & healthier looking
• Free of Tar, Silicone, Synthetic colorants & fragrance

*How to use:
Apply at night as the last skincare routine, gently spread from the center of the face towards contour line. Leave in overnight and rinse well the next morning.
(Can be used as a daily facial serum.)