Sidmool Dr. Troub AR5 Spot Whitening Cream
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Collections: Moisturizers, Natural Cosmetics, New Arrivals, Whitening

Product type: Face and Eye Cream

Vendor: Sidmool

Tags: cream, whitening


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An intensive whitening cream that helps fade pigmentation and lighten scars. (30ml)

*Product Details:
• A soft creamy texture spreads easily and absorbs into skin without leaving oily residue
• Enriched with Arbutin(5%) and 9 skin brightening ingredients for a clear, translucent & brighter skin
• Contains Glucose & Beta-Glucan to deeply moisturize skin
• Blended with Camomile Extract to calm and soothe sensitive skin
• Free of Silicone Oil, Ethanol, Mineral Oil, Parabens and Phenoxyethanol

*How to use:
Apply to the entire face or concerned area as the last skincare step at Morning & Night.
2. Can be used on darkened skin such as elbow, knee & underarms, and after relieving pimple pressure.