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An anti-aging serum that helps regaining healthy and lively skin with anti-oxidant effect derived from great sprout energy of super seeds. (50ml)

*Product Details:
• Formulated with Phyto-Sproum™ that helps changing weakened and dull skin to firm and lively skin
• Helps correct skin transparency, fortifies skin rhythm and enhances skin's elasticity & moisture level
• Delivers a clear, brightening complexion while hydrating, comforting, and minimizing the appearance of pores to restore luminosity of youthful skin
• Free of artificial fragrance, synthetic colorants, animal ingredients, and mineral oil
• Prescription of 100% natural originated ingredients that gently penetrate skin

*How to use:
1. Use after applying toner at the serum application stage day and night. Pump 1~2 times and gently sweep from the inside of cheeks to the contours to spread.
2. Sweep up along the contours from the center of chin.

*Natural Absorbing Formula
: A unique property of organic products. Appears white upon application and absorbs smoothly for deep hydration. Gently press to one direction for penetration.