OHUI The First Softener & Emulsion Set


OHUI's premium range "The First". This revolutionary anti-aging, nourishing skincare set helps maintain nutritional balance in the skin. (Renewal version)

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*Product Details:
• A nourishing skin toner that restores balance to the skin's surface
• The highly enriched emulsion formulated with key ingredients of rHSCP(recombinant Human Stem Cell Protein)
• A rich essence-type texture that penetrates rapidly into skin & leaves skin smooth
• Formulated with patented Stem Cell Technology for regenerating effects
• Visibly improves skin tone, elasticity & vitality

*Steps: Skin Softener - Essence - Emulsion - Cream - Eye Cream

*This set includes:
• The First Skin Softener (150ml/20ml)
• The First Emulsion(120ml/20ml)
• The First Essence (5ml)
• The First Eye Cream (5ml)
• The First Cream Intensive (7ml)