NEOGEN Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser


A mild yet deep pore cleanser that combines mask pack function to remove impurities, makeup & dirt on the skin surface and inside pores. (120g)

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*Product Details:
• Contains fine micro-particles of glacial marine soil, colloidal clay from Canada and carbonic acid ingredients
• Features intensive adsorptive formula that instantly eliminates excess sebum, blackheads, makeup and dead skin cells
• Leaves skin tingly clean with natural minerals to moisturize and smooth skin for glowing perfection
• Helps tighten pore size while improving skin firmness & texture
• Free of Parabnes, TALC, Mineral Oil & Phenoxyethanol

*How to use (updated):
1. Spread about 1~2mm thick layer to dry skin and let dry (3~5mins) until carbonate capsules burst.
2. Apply lukewarm water and rub in circular motion to transform the dried clay into a foam lather cleanser. Rinse off thoroughly.
(Use with pore brush to maximize cleansing effect.)

*Note: Make sure to secure the clear plastic inner cap once product has been opened to prevent loosing functionality.