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Have you tried any products from Neogen Dermalogy yet? Cutting-edge science with natural ingredients make skin visibly clearer, smooth and bright. This box consists of Neogen Dermalogy's best selling products and everybody's daily essentials from cleanser to sun protector.

*Product Details:
 1. Real Flower Rose Cleansing Water
  - A micellar(water-like formula) cleansing water that removes makeup and impurities while toning & hydrating skin. 
 2. Green Tea Real Fresh Foam
  - Water-based foam cleanser that gently removes impurities & makeup residue and helps brighten and hydrate skin.
 3. Wine Gauze- Peeling Pad (single pack*8ea)
  - An innovative exfoliator with anti-oxidants. Provides gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and cleanses pore-clogging debris.
 4. Day Light Sunscreen
  - This lightweight sunscreen brings a non-sticky formula that hydrates your skin while protecting with anti-aging benefits.

*This set contains full size of:
 1. Neogen Best Box - Cleansing Water, Green Tea Foam, Wine Peeling Pad and Day Light Sunscreen (Comes with 2*Fiber Masks)
 2. No need Peeling Box - Cleansing Water, Green Tea Foam and Day Light Sunscreen (Comes with Wine & Lemon Peeling Pad for trial)

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