'MISSHA' Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (Intensive Moist)

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A first essence that hydrates, restores and rejuvenates skin for a clear, glowing complexion. Upgraded its formula to visibly improve skin tone & texture while deeply moisturizing. (150ml, 3rd Generation)

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*Product Details:
• Formulated with Fermented Yeast Concentrate(90%) which absorbs into skin instantly to energize your skin
• Enriched with Anthocyanin & Purple Barley Extracts for anti-oxidant effect
• Ionic Fermentation Technology helps deliver nutrition into skin deeply & instantly
• Improves skin's elasticity and provides vitality to aging, damaged skin

*How to use:
1. After washing your face, apply a proper amount onto a cotton pad or hands.
2. Pat lightly onto skin until fully absorbed. Follow with serum or moisturizer.
(*When using a cleansing water/toner, apply the toner first before the First Treatment Essence.)