MISSHA Standing Magnetic Brush (Single Item)

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An innovative magnetized brush frame with brushes. (These are the rest of MISSHA Magnetic Brush 5pcs Set)
The magnetized frame is designed to effortlessly hold magnetic brushes which stand upright so it's an easy, hygienic, and sleek way to store your brushes after each use.

*How to use:
After using the brush, place the magnetic end of the brush onto the frame.

1. Hang your wet makeup brushes upside down to prevent water from ruining the handle.
2. The frame may have some scratches as part of the material characteristic.

*Item Options:
• #101 (Eyeshadow Brush) - Great for applying base shadow
• #103 (Blending Brush) - For applying shadow or nose shading
• #402 (Foundation Brush) - For applying foundation with seamless blending
• #501 (Concealer Brush) - For applying concealer to hide dark circles and imperfections
• #502 (Lip Brush) - For applying/blending lip pencils or lipsticks
Set of 5 - This set comes as an individual item.
 (#101 & #103 brushes made of fine horse hair and others made with a high-quality synthetic hair)