MISSHA Brush Cleaner

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No need to use one brush per shadow to avoid muddying up colors. This makeup-removing sponge that allows you to create fresh, true-color eye look without having to switch brushes. Simply wipe excess shadow onto sponge after each shade for a clean start each time.

*How to use:
• Step 1 - Rub a dirty brush onto the black sponge until clean.
• Step 2 - Rub a just cleaned brush on the white sponge to check for leftover color and set bristles in place.

*How to clean:
1. Once one side of the sponge becomes dirty, rotate and use the other side.
2. Once both sides of the sponge have become dirty, wash with water.
3. Dampen the white sponge and rub a clean brush before applying shadow to achieve higher color payoff.