'Max Clinic' Deep & Deeper Meso Change Program


4 Week Skin Rejuvenation program - using an innovative Neo-tingle Patch Roller ( a world award-winning product from Monde Selection).

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*Product Details:
• Highly-concentrated special ampoule, containing collagen(Jin-P collagen), hyaluronic acid & ceramides penetrates deep within the skin to visibly firm, nourish and strengthen skin barrier.
• The 'Meso Change Roller' formulated with guadrangular pyramid-shaped hyaluronic acid for deep penetratration and enhances absorption of active ingredients, renewing firmness and smoothness to the skin
• Helps dimish minor spots & pigmentation, and improve the look of pores & skin firmness
• Free of parabens, benzophenone, synthetic colorant & fragrance
• Whitening & wrinkle-improvement functional product

*How to use:
1. Apply 2~3 drops to cleansed & toned face and gently spread over skin.
2. Place the handle on the roller then remove the protective cap.
3. Gently roll across the entire face, starting from areas with deep wrinkles.
4. Use for 3~5mins until the hyaluronic acid melts into the skin and then the roller becomes blunt.
5. Remove and discard the roller after use. (intended for single use only and use each week)

*This set contains:
• Meso Change Ampoule (7ml*4ea)
• Meso Change Roller (handle)
• Hyaluronic Patch (70mg*4ea)