Max Clinic Cloud Embo Massage Brush

$25.00 $50.00

A dual-ended cleansing brush that cleanse pores, dead skin cells and makeup residue thoroughly.


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*Product Details:
• Features a Fitness V Pad at the back of the brush for lifting up the jaw line
• Removes waste & sebum in deep pores and leaves skin refreshed & clean
• Fitted hand grip is designed to provide ease of use
• Helps improve blood circulation while deep cleansing
• 7 Embo holes make rich rather to cleanse gently yet effectively

*How to use:
1. Apply any Max Clinic Cleanser to entire face and gently massage with a V Pad at the back of the brush.
2. Wet the brush with water and brush it on the face in circular motion. Rinse well.

*How to store:
1. After use, wash the brush under running water. Hold the brush hair tightly to squeeze water out.
2. Widen brush hair and store standing up at highly-ventilated places.