Makep:rem 'Safe Me' Relief Moisture Toner & Cream Set

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<Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam>
This soft cream type cleanser gently and thoroughly cleanses skin without over-drying or stripping skin. Effectively removes makeup, dirt and grime & helps maintain skin’s natural balance. (150ml)

<Safe Me. Relief Moisture Toner>
A low-irritant, slightly acidic(pH5.5) toner that hydrates and strengthens skin's protective barrier. Contains Madecassoside to reinforce skin's natural barrier and helps skin retain moisture. (200ml)

<Safe Me. Relief Moisture Essence>
This non-sticky, moisturizing serum delivers long-lasting hydration while soothing dehydrated, sensitized skin. A slightly acidic mild formula suitable for sensitive skin and restores a healthy pH level. (70ml)

<Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cream 12>
A mild daily moisturizer containing total 12 ingredients relieves dryness & skin irritation. Formulated with plant-derived ingredients containing Squalene & Glycerin to provide 48 hours of significant moisture and restores comfort. (80ml)