Laneige Water Bank Double Layering Oil

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Double-layering oil contains Hydro Ion Mineral Water that intensely replenishes the skin with moisture while creating a smooth moisturizing layer over skin. (50ml)

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*Product Details:
• A moisture recharging facial oil that provides perfect hydration and maintains optimal moisture level
• Contains Hydro Ion Mineral Water to hydrate dry skin and repair skin damage
• Patented Moisture-Roof™ formula delivers intense moisture deep into skin while the oil film forms a moisture barrier on skin surface
• Oil derived from Passion Flower Seeds, rich in fatty acids help to protect the damaged skin's natural barrier

*This product  has a short shelf life (best suited for use) this sale item's expiry date is 2019 Dec.

*How to use:
1. Shake well before use (more than 10 times to form hyro+oil drop). After using essence/serum and before moisturizer, dispense 4~5 drops on your palm.
2. Mix well and warm by rubbing both palm, and evenly apply to entire face.
3. Gently press skin with both palm and pat lightly for better absorption.