LANEIGE Two Tone Correcting Bar (Purple Blue)

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Two-tone color correctot in a convenient stick that makes skin natural-looking with two-tone layering method. (7g)

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*Product Details:
• A triangular stick with a sloped side that adheres closely to the facial contour line, and covers blind spots easily
• The convenient stick form allows for easy application and ultimate portability
• Silky Fit texture applies smoothly like pressing and can be blended all-over or targeted areas to create an even, radiant complexion
• Purple Blue (Makes the skin tone translucent & bright and corrects dull, uneven skin tone)
 Pink Coral (Helps correct dark circles and brighten the skin tone)

*How to use:
After base makeup, softly apply on parts that need correction by using the flat side or the edge.

<Laneige Multi-blending Brush>

Makes a perfect pair with Two-Tone Correcting Bar. It enables the blending of stick products with tension by using a short, dense brush tip and leaves no stroke marks to make skin natural-looking.