Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerating Mask
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Product type: Mask

Vendor: Laneige

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A skin regenerating cellulose facial sheet mask. (5ea)

 *Product Details:
• Formulated with a patent Skin Rebirth™ Technology for healthy & younger skin
• Contains Upgraded Ceramide Water to deliver optimal hydration
• Adheres perfectly to the face along with the skin texture
• Enhances firmness & elasticity of skin
• Skin appears softer, smoother, more radiant & younger looking

 *How to use:
1. Take out the mask sheet from the product.
2. Peel off one side of the mesh sheet and apply to face.
3. Remove the mesh sheet on the other side, leaves for 10~20 minutes.
4. Peel off the mask and pat gently until the remaining essence has been absorbed.