Laneige New Two Tone Lip Bar
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Product type: Color Makeup

Vendor: Laneige

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Two-tone lip bar for the perfect ombre makeup look. Newly upgraded with "Two Tone Color X Two Tone Texture". (15g)

*Product Details:
• Combines High Glossy and Semi Matte texture to create moisturized, sparkling and glamorous lip
• Artistic color match and upgraded pure pigment express more vivid, vibrant lip color
• Quick Touch Gradation with exclusive oblique cutting design
• High-gloss main color maintains long-lasting moisturized & glamorous lips, while semi-matte sub-color keeps lip line with smudge proof effect

*How to use:
1. Make the main color direct the inner side of lip and gently apply 2~3 times.
2. Likewise, make the main color direct the inner side and apply.
3. Repeat 'close & open' lip motion to blend well.

*Tips & Caution
1. When you push down the button, lipstick goes up. Make sure to open the lid, when lowering the button.
2. It can be easily broken, so lift the lipstick little by little.
3. Pressing too hard on lips can push the lipstick back to the container, so lightly apply the lipstick while holding the button with your thumb