Laneige New BB Cushion Whitening

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Brightening BB cushion with skin coverage that gives skin a moisturized, vibrant complexion. Comes as a pact & refill. (15g*2, comes as a pact & refil)

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*Product Details:
• Multi-functional cushion that helps brightens, protects, cools and moisturizes your skin
• Upgraded with Dual Whitening Formula to create radiant glow look and brighten complexion
• Contains whitening ingredients to increase skin clarity while fading blemishes
• Offers strong protection against harmful UV rays and sun damage(SPF50+/PA+++)
• Long-lasting make-up, hydration & anti-darkening for 12 hrs

*How to use:
Take the content with puff and apply it to the skin as if along the texture of skin and then adhere to the skin with slight tapping.

*How to care puff:
Always keep clean, and washing with a neutral detergent or cleaning liquid - especially made for washing puff. Rinse well then store in a shady & cool area.

*Laneige coloring is one tone lighter than any other brand's standard.
(EX. Laneige #13 = other brand #21)