Laneige Holiday Set - HyeKyo's Holiday Look

Product type: Color Makeup

Vendor: Laneige

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Create a Milkyway Fantasy Makeup Look (Bloody Dress) with Laneige two-tone shadow & lip bar.

<Product Details>
1. Base Makeup - Laneige Whitening BB Cushion(Holiday Edition, No.21)
: An oil-free, sweat-proof, water-resistant formula that ensures  a durable makeup that lasts for 12 hours. Gives a dewy, satin, natural & flawless finish

2. Eye Makeup - Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar (Holiday Edition, No.1)
Holiday Two Tone Shadow Bar expresses mystical eye makeup like the Milkyway. The perfect combination of point color and shimmer pearl base illuminates skin around the eyes(2g)

3. Lip Makeup - Laneige Holiday Two Tone Lip Bar(Holiday Edition, No.1)
: New-concept Holiday Marble Two Tone Lip Bar featuring the Milkyway in the night sky. The creamy texture keeps the lips moisturized as it softly adheres to the lips. (15g)

*How to use:
<2-tone Lip Bar>
1. Main Color: Apply the two-color marbling mix on the inside of the lips
2. Sub Color: Apply on the outer side of the lips for a smooth, contouring volume effect.
<2-tone Shadow Bar>
1. Direct point color to eye lashes. Apply gently from outer corner of eyes to inner corner.
2. Apply 2~3times to inner corner and spread with finger to complete natural gradation.
3. Apply base color till the 2/3 point from inner corner under the eyes.

*Tips & Caution
1. When you push down the button, lipstick goes up. Make sure to open the lid, when lowering the button.
2. It can be easily broken, so lift the lipstick little by little.
3. Pressing too hard on lips can push the lipstick back to the container, so lightly apply the lipstick while holding the button with your thumb