Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask


The eye sleeping mask moisturizes, revitalizes and brightens skin around the eyes by taking care of puffy eyes in the morning with the ceramic ball massage. (25ml)

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*Product Details:
• Laneige Sleep-Circular™ with the synergy effect of ceramic ball massage relieves swelling around the eyes in the morning
• The ingredient of caffeine relives puffy eyes while Vt. P(Hesperidin) makes skin around the eyes look bright and clear
• The moisture wrapping technology keeps tender skin around the eyes moisturized during sleep
• Features a ceramic ball (180º rotating applicator) provides amazing cooling effect and relieves swelling

*How to use
Use at the step of eye treatment at night, 2-3 times a week.
(can be used in the morning to relieve swelling)

<STEP 1. >
Separate the container and cover. With the content on the ceramic ball, apply on skin around the eyes in dots (repeat on both sides).

<STEP 2. >
With the middle finger and ring finger, evenly apply in order of front area of the eyes-eyelids-skin above the eyebrows in a circular motion (repeat 3 times).

<STEP 3.>
With the middle finger and ring finger, lightly press skin under the eyes, eyelids, and skin above the eyebrows up to the temple to promote absorption into skin.
(Wipe the ceramic ball with clean tissue before storing.)