Laneige Eye & Face Palette (Holiday Collection Limited)


The eye & face multi-palette contains highlighter and pink-colored blusher that can express various looks from daily look to year-end looks with various colors ranging from brown colors to burgundy pink colors. (26g)

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*Product Details:
• Highlighter & blusher containing shadow and soft aura pearl
can produce various looks, ranging from a romantic look to a smoky look
• True-to-color expression and softly wrapping adherence provide long-lasting texture

• S1: Shimmer Pink Beige
• G1: Glitter Dusty Violet
• S2: Shimmer Orchid Violet
• S3: Shimmer Almond Brown
• M1: Matte Deep Brown
• B1: Aura Pink Blusher
• H1: Aura Glow Highlighter

*How to use:
<Eye shadow>
1. Brighten the entire eyelid area as the base color.
2. Apply the define color on the area nearest to the eyeline below the double eyelid line to produce a deep-set-eyes look.
3. With the styling shadow containing glitter pearls, naturally blend up to the upper area of the double eyelid line to complete the makeup.

1. With a brush, apply the contents of the makeup with gentle sweeping movements.
2. Apply on the “apple zone” or on the cheekbones, in a lateral movement starting from the bottom, to complete the makeup, achieving a natural reddish tone.

Gives definition to the face by touching on flat or sunken areas such as the nosebridge and cheekbones.