Laneige Edge Drawing Eyeliner (Sharpie_Deep Black)
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Product type: Color Makeup

Vendor: Laneige

Tags: eye liner


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This eyeliner helps express professional eye makeup look by simply drawing along the eyes. (0.55ml)

*Product Details:
• Features custom-angled (sharpie-shaped) tip draws an easy line
• Instantly dries in 3 seconds upon drawing eye lines
• Smudge-proof eyeliner with high-pigment
• The selection-type applicator allows drawing customized eye lines that are perfect for each person’s eyes

*How to use:
1. For a subtle defining line, lightly drag across the base of your lash line from the inner to the outer corner.
(Use less pressure to create a thinner line and add more pressure to create a bolder line)
2. Wipe any excess on a tissue.

*Use tip!