Laneige 3-in-1 Cleansing Tea Bag


A unique, convenient cleansing/detoxifying method, using natural green tea leaves, rich in antioxidant with cleansing powder. (2g, great for travelling)

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*Product Details:
• Multi-purpose cleansing tea bag to purify, deep cleanse and soothe skin
• Contains enzyme powder to gently exfoliate skin surface
• Helps protect skin from free radicals which contribute to signs of premature aging

*How to use:
Use after removing color makeup. (For the best result, use a pre-cleansing product before this treatment)
1. Gently remove a string from tea bag and add luke-warm water to rather.
2. Gently massage overskin and rinse thoroughly.
(also can lightly massage with tea bag onto skin to remove dead skin cells)

*Item Option:
• One Each: Green Tea(1ea) & Peppermint (1ea)
• Box: Green Tea(15ea) & Peppermint (15ea)