IOPE Derma Repair 0 Mask

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SOS relaxing mask pack that comfortably relaxes skin using clean, unbleached cotton sheet based on hot steam sterilization method. (24g)

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*Product Details:
• Unbleached cotton sheet allows for comfortable use and can be used on irritated skin without imposing greater burden on skin
• Contains Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract, a plant-derived relaxing ingredient to help improve the skin's self-restoring power and soothe irritated skin
• Low-irritant mild formula with free of 10 components like animal-originated ingredients, artificial fragrances, colorants, surfactants containing PEG, etc.
• Completed skin compatibility test
 (Preliminary tests including dermatology, hypoallergenic and alternative eye irritation test)

*How to use:
1. After using toner, take out sheet mask inside the pouch and place it onto face.
(Adhere the mask along the facial line to prevent it from being lifted)
2. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and tap any remaining essence to absorb.