IOPE Derma Professional Auto Cleanser

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Automatic cleanser that 4 times more effective cleansing effect with 360-degree rotating cleansing brush. Comes as a Auto Cleanser Device & Brush(1ea)

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*Product Details:
• 5-in-1 deep cleansing that removes impurities in deep pores, sebum, blackheads, dead skin cells & makeup
• Professional cleansing system that ensures perfect cleansing when used with cleansing foam or gel
• Features a compact grip handle for perfect fitting & anti-bacterial brush hair
• Remove all dirt and sebum that have accumulated deep inside pores which unreachable to the hands
• Designed waterproof for safe use in shower

*How to use:
1. Remove color makeup before using the cleanser. Dispense a sufficient amount of cleansing foam onto the slightly wet brush head.
2. Turn on and operate the auto cleanser, slowly drawing circles on your forehead, nose bridge & jawlines.
3. For sensitive areas such as the U-zone (area around lips and cheeks) and T-zone (forehead and bridge of the nose), cleanse with thick lather.