IOPE Bio Essence Facial Mask
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The bio-essence facial mask provides the advantages of the sheet mask, with its effective moisturizing power and strong adhesiveness. (25g)
*Use the masks twice a week when in need of special care or whenever your skin looks tired.

*Product Details:
• A revitalizing & soothing essence facial mask
• Concentrated anti-oxidative mask that contains 21ml of IOPE Bio Essence per sheet.
• Design improved to cover the chin
• Bio Cellulose with intensive moisturizing, excellent fit for face maximizes effect of bio essence.
• Skin appears firmer, softer, smoother & healthier looking

*Skin cooling tips for the summer:
1. Keep Bio Essence Masks refrigerated before use.
2. Cool mask sheets will not only instantly calm irritated and sensitive skin, but also tigthen pores and control sebum.