IOPE Air Cushion® Intense Cover X Nanan

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IOPE 4th generation Air Cushion that formulated with Bio-Water™ to offer intense hydration and delivers perfect coverage. (15g*2, 10th Anniversary Special Edition)

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*Product Details:
• Air Cover Powder™ helps create even, flawless look with lightweight result
• Innovative new sponge transfers the ideal amount of product for a perfect makeup application
• Air-Coverpowder Barrier System conceals imperfections and redness to achieve flawless complexion
• Provides ultra-protection from harmful UV rays (SPF50+/PA+++)

*How to use:
1. Apply light pressure to the cushion to release the perfect amount of foundation and gently pat the puff onto the skin. Reapply for desired coverage.
2. Close the inner lid tightly after use to preserve freshness.