Innisfree Skinny fixercara


A mascara fixer with super strong hold to keep the lashes curled up and look sharp. (3.5g)

*Product Details:
• Transparent oil-based fixer evenly coats the lashes to give a curl boost
• Instills a thin transparent coat to keep the lashes curled up all day long
• Holds the curl without flaking & smudging after applying the mascara
• Contains green tea extract & black bean to keep the lashes sleek, shiny and healthy

*How to use:
<Use as fixer>
: Apply Fixercara over the lashes and then apply the mascara after Fixercara has completely dried.

<Use as top coat>
1. Completely dry the mascara and then add a coat of Fixercara.
2. It allows the mascara to last for an extended period without smudging. (Best not to overuse the product)