'INNISFREE' Real Fit Velvet Lipstick (New color added)

$10.00 $20.00

A highly-pigmented lipstick that retains vivid color all day with a velvet-like texture gently embracing the lips. (3.5g)

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*Product Details:
• A dual formula with a gel complex, holding oil & pigment delivers moisturizing oil into the lips and soft-matte finish
• Color holding system retains color pigment and keeps your lips vibrant all day long
• Melt-in velvet texture thinly and lightly embraces the lips like a feather upon being applied

*How to use
Slightly twist up the product and gently apply on the lips.

*Caution: The round section at the bottom of the product is a design element to confirm color. Please do not open it because it is not used for lip gloss.