Innisfree 'Real Fit' Matte Liquid


Weightless liquid lip tint with intense color pigments that blends tightly onto the lips, giving a long lasting fresh color. (3.5g)

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*Product Details:
• Extra Lasting Film Former meets rich color to finely blend onto the lips, giving a long lasting fresh color
• Light Spreading Oil quickly & evenly glides across the lips to complete matte lip
• The moist formula gives a matte finish to enable various lip makeup from a gradient look to full lips
• Excellent hydration by camellia, jojoba and sea cactus oil allows long-wear without feeling dry

*How to use:
<Gradient lips>
Dot on the center of the upper lip and blend outwards by closing the lips a few times to complete a natural gradient look.
<Full lips>
Outline the lips using the diagonal edge on the back of the wand, then fill in the color with the diagonal surface to finish a full lip makeup without lip liner.