Innisfree My Palette Eye shadow (Matte)
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Product type: Color Makeup

Vendor: Innisfree

Tags: eye shadow


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Customizable eyeshadow collection completed according to your desired needs. (1.9~2.3g)

*Product Details:
• Highly-pigmented, highly-adhesive eyeshadow to make eye color stay put
• Silky texture glides smoothly & evenly onto the eyelids and lasts all day long
• With subdivision into base, contouring, styling and defining, you can easily choose colors according to desired needs
• Magnetic shadow pans to be either easily separated or combined

*How to use:
Using a brush or a shadow tip, smoothly spread on the lid.

*Color Option:
Eye primer: enhances the adhesion and duration of eye makeup
Base: base shades to lay the foundation for eye makeup (No.3)
Contouring: basic neutral shades to bring shading to your eyes (No.12, 16 & 24)
Styling: point shades to bring color to your eyes (No.30 & 33)
Defining: liner shades to bring contouring to your eyes while creating a clear eye look