Innisfree Brow Master Pencil
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Collections: Eye Makeup

Product type: Color Makeup

Vendor: Innisfree

Tags: eye brow pencil



3-in-1 multiuse brow pencil that frames, structures and fills at once. (0.12g/0.4g)

*Product Details:
• A wide, flat oval-shaped eyebrow pencil for defined contours of eyebrows
• The semi-hard formula texture glides seamlessly without irritating the skin
• Creates precise outlines and naturally full beautiful brows
• Creamy powder sponge tip fills sparse eyebrows for volumizing effect
• Comes with an expert spiral brush applicator

*How to use:
Twist the pencil to reveal only a small amount of lead. Apply color with light pressure.
1. Start drawing with wide side from the front and then use narrow side from the arch to the end.
2. Blend the eyebrow with a sponge tip to fill in sparse area and tap gently the front of the eyebrow.
3. Comb with a screw tip to set the flow. Apply repeated pressure until you reach the desired look.