HERA Make Up Fixer


A fixer that sticks onto makeup like a magnet to hold makeup in place and gives a healthy glow to the skin. (110ml)

*Product Details:
• A mist that easily sets and refreshes your makeup before & after makeup
 (It adds a healthy glow to the skin when used in the skincare step)
• Cotton extracts moisturize the skin and strengthens the natural skin barrier
• Protects skin from external irritants such as fine dust or pollution
• Fixing Polymer that forms a thin, even radiant film to hold makeup while providing hydration
• Refreshes your look, leaving a glowing, dewy complexion

*How to use:
1. Shake 1-2 times to allow moisturizing ingredients to mix well and spray in a circle at 20cm away from the skin after completing your makeup routine.
(Can be used anytime throughout the day to refresh makeup or provide the skin with moisture.)
2. Then leave it or fan it to be fully absorbed by the skin