HERA Lip Polish & Mask (Pink Lemonade)


Lip exfoliator and mask to instantly create smooth and moisturized lips for beautiful lip makeup. (5g*2)

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*Product Details:
• Dual lip care solution combining a lip scrub and moisturizing mask
• A lightweight moisturizing mask formulated with Moisture Wrapping™ Technology for instant moisturizing and protection of the lips through the formation of a moisture barrier
• The gommage type peeling formula removes dead skin cells with a smooth, effortless rolling action to create clear, healthy and smooth lips

*How to use:
1. Roll the polish over dry lips and remove dead skin cells that have sloughed off, using a tissue.
2. Apply a thick coat of the lip mask and remove it lightly after five minutes.
3. Put your lipstick on top of the lip mask for gorgeously smooth lips and intense color payoff.
(Can be uased as a Lip Sleeping Mask - Apply a thick coat of the lip mask & Go to bed)