HERA Biosonic™ Cleansing Enhancer
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Product type: Cleansing Brush/ Brush Set

Vendor: HERA

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A premium-cleansing device for even, smooth and radiant skin. (50ml)

*Product Details:
• Developed with BIOSONIC™ that purifies and revitalizes the skin with patented sonic vibration
• Effectively remove dead skin cells and the dirt hidden deep inside the pores
• Improves skin's elasticity and brightens skintone, delivering radiant, silky-soft skin
• Optimizes the benefits of serums & moisturizers that follow
• Features a perfectly waterproof, non-contact charger and 3 cleansing modes

*How to use:
1. Wash your face, take an adequate amount of cleanser on your palm and make lather with it using the damp brush.
2. Apply the lather all over the face avoiding the eyes area, turn on CLEANSING ENHANCER and select the cleansing mode.
3. Cleanse your chin along its line for 20 seconds like you're massaging the skin with lather.
4. Cleanse the T-zone, forehead and nose from excess sebum for 20 seconds.
5. Cleanse one cheek for 10 seconds and the other cheek for 10 seconds.
  (The brush is automatically turned off after 60 seconds)
6. Remove the brush, cleanse and then keep it dry after using it.

*How to replace the brush:
1. To remove the brush, twist it counter-clockwise. To attach it, push down until it snaps into place and twist it clockwise.
2. Use the brush cap to easily remove/attach the brush.

*This set contains:
• 1 HERA Biosonic™ Cleansing Enhancer (brush handle)
• 1 HERA Biosonic™ Brush & Cap
• 1 static charger