HERA Beauty Boosting Facial Oil (BB Oil)


A glow boosting, fresh facial oil that provides a natural glow and a great moisturizing power without stickiness. (30ml)

*Product Details:
• Creates excellent makeup-ready skin by adding a silky glow and suppleness
• The Fast-to-Go Formula quickly absorbs without stickiness or greasiness
• Provides resilience before makeup while nourishing the skin
• Light, refreshing texture moisturizes and vitalizes the skin
• Cell-Bio Glow™ technology, a harmony of four natural botanical oils to soothe flaky skin and remove dead skin cells for smooth skin

*How to use:
1. Drops on your hands and gently rub to make warm. Lightly press over the entire face to absorb the oil.
2. At morning, after using serum apply to U-zone and cheeks and night, apply to the entire face & neck. Follow with moisturizing cream.

*More Tips!

1. For delicate skin texture:
-Stretch out the second & third finger of both hands in a V-shape, and apply a few drops onto finger tips. Roll them on your face to get a more delicate skin texture.
2. Daily facial mist:
-Put Cell Essence in an empty spray bottle and mix 5 drops of the BB oil. Spray onto your face whenever the skin feels dry.
3. Intensive moisture care:
- Add 3~4 drops of the BB oil and mix well with Waterin Gel Cream or your favorite hydrating cream. Apply a thick layer over the entire face.
4. Add instant glow to your face:
- Open the cover inside UV MIST CUSHION and add 1-2 drops of the BB Oil. Mix them using the puff to add a glow to your skin.