Healing Bird Perfume Roll On

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Fill the air with thrilling fragrance of botanical ingredients. This convenient on-the-go bursts of fragrance take you into the arms of nature. (10ml)

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*Product Details:
• This refreshing roll-on perfume formulated with true garden scents that are natural & headache-free
• Long-lasting and layerable perfume, perfect on the go

*Item Option:
1. Freesia & Green Bouquet (Energizing):
 - A green floral scent to remind you of spring freesias & fresh leaves from the flower shop
2. YlangYlang & Green Tea (Relaxing):
 - A green floral scent that captures familiar comfort as well as exotic and foreign sentiments
3. Cherryblossom & Peach:
- A fruity floral scent, cute and romantic like cherry blossoms scattering in the spring breeze

*How to use:
Roll 2~3 times on pulse points such as the wrists, inside of elbows, behind ears etc,. anytime and anywhere.