Hanskin Vstra Toner Mask Pad

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A daily treatment pad that provides smooth skin texture and bright skin tone. (250ml, 80ea)

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*The Vstra(Vitamin + Moist + Extra) Moisture Brightening Line helps make skin look bright and moisturized even after removing makeup.

*Product Details:
• Vita-polypeptides, containing Ascorbic Acid Polypeptide help gently exfoliate, tone and brighten skin
• Moisturizing essence hydrates skin while restoring skin luminosity and vitality
• Provides a smooth canvas for flawless makeup application in the busy morning
• Whitening & wrinkle-improvement functional product

*How to use:
1. Quick treatment: Apply the pad over skin to care uneven skin tone. Leave on for 10~20 mins, remove gently as you wipe the face with the pad and massage remaining toner into skin.
2. Use as a toner: Gently wipe pad(texturized side) across face & neck after cleansing once or twice daily.
(can be used on all parts where uneven skin tone is concerned such as elbow, knee etc.,)