GOODAL Premium Pearl Tone-Up Massage Cream


Wash-off type massage cream that removes makeup residue & impurities while brightening dull complexion. (100ml)

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*Product Details:
• This tone-up, nourishing massage cream is transformed into oil to allow a perfect glide to massage the skin and cleanses any residue
• Infused with brightening Pearl Extracts for a bright, rosy complexion with a dewy glow
• Blended with Bulgarian Rose Water to keep your skin deeply hydrated and glowing
• Contains Vitamin A & C to revitalize skin while Flavonoid & Anthocyanin restore  resilience

*How to use:
1. At the last step of cleansing, apply an even & generous layer all over face and gently massage, using an upward motion.
(can be used in the morning when your skin looks dull)
2. Gently tissue off or rinse off with lukewam water.