GOODAL Moisture Barrier Eye Cream
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Collections: Eye care

Product type: Face and Eye Cream

Vendor: GOODAL

Tags: eye cream



3-in-1 Eye Cream that controls moisture balance, enhances skin elasticity and brightens the eye zone. (30ml, renewal version)

*Product Details:
•Formulated with Mistletoe Complex & Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF) to retain & hold moisture
•Contains Collagen & Peptide enhance skin elasticity
•Delivers intense moisture and stimulates collagen production
•Prevents future wrinkles & repairs existing wrinkles
•Reveals a sleeker, more firmer and younger looking eye area

* Color may become dense due to the use of vegetable ingredients instead of artificial coloring, but this doesn't effect the product's use in any way.

*How to use:
1.  Take out a small amount using spatula and apply closely to the skin under the eyes.
2. Spread the content evenly by tapping along the skin texture.
3. Apply the residue on the eyebrow bone.