Goodal Green Tangeriene Vita C Serum Mask


A vitamin C serum-enriched mask sheet that helps fade hidden blemishes for a transparent, clear & glow-looking skin. (30ml)

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*Product Details:
• Enriched with Tangeriene Extract, rich in vitamin C and stabilized ascorbic acid derivative produced from Vitamin C to help minimize the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone
• Hypoallergenic, micro fiber (Active Up) sheet gently wraps skin and allows to fully absorb essential nutrients
• Non-irritation & suitable for all skin types
• Great for intense brightening care

*How to use:
1. Apply mask to cleansed & toned skin and fit comfortably.
2. Leave on for 15~20 minutes, then remove mask and massage remaining serum into skin. (use with Goodal Vita C line - toner pads, serum & cream for the best result)