FLALIA Professional Puff Air Blending Sponge
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A blending sponge for liquid foundation, BB cream & highlighter/concealer. (4*6.5cm)

*Product Details:
• Provides sheer-to-buildable coverage, natural-looking and precision application (can be used wet or dry)
• Soft texture(made of polyurethan) and easy, comfortable to grip
• Helps even, flawless makeup application and enhances adhesion

*How to use:
1. Wet sponge with water or mist and squeeze out any excess.
2. Bounce the damp sponge across face over product to blend concealer or foundation.
(Wide side can cover the larger surfaces of the face, and pointed/ narrow side for contouring or precision application around nose, chin & under the eyes)
3. Once used, gently wash the sponge using a mild cleanser and rinse under running water. Gently squeeze out and fully dry before storing. (Do not twist)