'Etude House' Mini Two Match Lip Color

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The mini lipstick provides the perfect combination for your lips by matching your color and texture. Moisture velvet formula comforts for the lips and won't dry out. (2.4g)

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*How to use:
1. With the wide surface, apply on the lips starting from the inside and working outward, as if creating natural gradation.
2. With the edge, fill in the lips to express full lips while accentuating the lip line.

*Item Option:
• PK005 Cold Berry
• OR203 Carrot Panic
• RD303 Fresh Tomato
• RD304 Red Vinegar
• BR402 Fig Flower Cake
• PP501 Grape Soy Milk

*Pony's Look - 'Neon Magenta' contains:
• OR203 Carrot Panic
• PK005 Cold Berry
• Color Mix Crush Magenta
•  Magnetic Holder (Free Gift)